Sentenced to Death!

I was punished in jail
for the crime, I did in vain

I was put behind the bars
and the Jailor said
” Love is a sin, my son
now death awaits!
You have done a crime, my son
now faith awaits!”

As I walk through the cells
my fellow prisoners’ eyes fell
I could feel the pity
As their eyes swell!

They murmured about love
in a whisper that everyone could hear
They called me a sinister
how dare I make someone dear

But I kept walking my walk
with the hope that love is there to hold me
And tell her that world was full of fools
with hearts hating love and people are killing lovers pride

You changed and your words did too
now everything they said started to make sense too

My heart became heavier
and I cannot move my feet
The Garland of love
Is now the end of my world!

And darling,
I was sentenced to death
when our eyes met!


Your Girl,


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