Day 5: Youth v/s Professionalism

Youth and its professionalism are one of the most debated topics amongst the industrialist, business owners, schools, and colleges. The very word youth brings to our mind a group of youngsters who have an uncontrollable energy with a lethal combination of creative heads and pathless careers. This generation is somehow labeled as one of the most unprofessional, unethical and of course useless generation. But what exactly are the points of which this professionalism is judged and rated?

Here are 7 reasons why I believe we are called ‘Unprofessional’

1. “Suits” v/s “Hoodies”
I know you got a hint of what I am going to speak about. But this is one of the important factors in the business world to judge people also know as Lets-judge-his-work-by-his-clothes. Cause, of course, the quality of work is directly proportional to your clothes.
Defending the youth here, I would like to say that we know how to create our priority list. For us what work we deliver to you is more important than the way we look cause we have known many pretty faces with empty heads and many bad covers with pretty content. Remember the lesson of “Not to judge a book by its cover?”
But I also won’t deny the fact that many times no matter how amazing your work is, your self-presentation also plays an important role.

2. Access Code: ETHICS!

A code of ethics is been followed in Professional environments to guide the conducts of members of the association. I would happily agree that these code of conduct guides one with acceptable behavior, core values, and professional boundaries but it also somehow it also results in abuse of power and bullying of weaker.
The ‘Youth’ does not really care about your professional designation in a company or the seven-figure bank account you have. They will respect you if you respect them. They will look at your work and make you a role model if your work speaks to them.

3. The Increasing interest in ‘Revolution’

Revolution, change, innovation, evolution, experimentation call it whatever you want, it, by any name is an important element for the growth of business and its gradual developments. There are many businessmen who show resistance to change and call this needed revolution as an unwanted, risky and stupid idea.
The youth has a mind just like a coal mine. I may not be pretty right now but if these coals are nurtured properly, you can turn it into the most expensive diamond one has ever seen.
Let them experiment! If they fail, they learn. If they succeed, you earn!


I know this generation thinks differently, acts weirdly and speaks shit! But if business minds like you believe in the likes of us, trust me, our energy, and your experience, our idea, and your correction can bring in the revolution and change the industry forever.

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