Day 2: Old friend and New Memories!

Out of all the things that are changing around us one thing that we do not want to change is our friends! Especially the ones that were there for you since the beginning of They are the true example of the proverb, “Old Is Gold.” Friends are like a family that God had forgotten to add to the list of people related to us by blood. But again friends come in different shapes, sizes, colors, races and even sometimes in shape of a dog!

Truly speaking, the older I am getting, the lesser are the number of people I am constantly in touch with and hence, the fewer friends I have. With the growing age, I have also understood the value of friendship. Not only the friendship that I share with the outer world but also the kind I have with myself! Definition of a true friend has however changed a lot for the growing generation!

In today’s world, these are those people whom you can tag you in an unlimited number of memes and they are said to be the best if they reply and react to every one of those memes. And you are the luckiest if they tag you back in a huge number of memes too! But for me, friends are the people who know how crazy you can be at times but still take you for who you are. That too just not on a Snapchat/Instagram filter but also in real life. They are your therapist, your support system, your laughter zone, your crying pillow, not only that, they would curse the person you do not like with you and also help you stalk through your exes and tell you why you were stupid!

But not everybody is lucky enough to find a friend that close.

I know many of us come from a category who have been deceived by a friend and gotten our hearts broken by the only person we thought was worth the efforts and loved them with all our hearts. To you people, do not give up on the human existence yet. There might be a friend hidden behind the mask of a stranger. Keep looking out for them, do not stop hoping, and always keep trusting. The bad world must not kill the good you.

And to those who do not have friends, who find it difficult to interact with people, who have tried but failed, I have one very beautiful friend for you. That friend is no one else but yourself! I am not going to ask you to go out and try or talk to random people or write or read. All I wish you do is, talk to yourself, hug yourself, love yourself, pamper yourself, scold yourself, but before anything else, UNDERSTAND YOURSELF! Rest everything else will be automatically taken care of.

I want all you guys to remember,



And also,

I am always here to listen to your stories and experiences, feel free to write me anytime at!


  • Dharti Shethiya




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